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KEY Forum: From Stem Cells to Organs

Advanced Research / Education Promotion Division, Kumamoto University
1-1-1 Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto
860-0811, Japan
TEL: +81-96-373-5006
FAX: +81-96-373-5031
E-mail: higo-program@jimu.


Poster Presentation Info


A0, 841mm(width)x 1,189mm(height)as a maximum 2 presenters will be asked to share one Poster Board(1,800mm(width)x 1,200mm(height))

【Display / 】

Push pins are available. Poster display and retrieval should be within the time range below;
Display: Sept. 4th, Thursday, 11:30~12:30 at Room 2, 3,
On the 2F, Kumamoto City Medical Association Bldg.
Retrieval: Sept. 5th, Friday, 15:30~16:30 
At Reception Desk, 2F Kumamoto City Medical Association Bldg.

We will remove the posters after Poster Session on the 2nd day and keep them at the Reception Desk. Please do not forget to come and collect your poster there, otherwise, it will be disposed.

【One-minute poster presentation】from 17:15 on Sept. 4th Thursday

As an important preparation for the 1-minute presentation, at the Hall on the 2nd floor of the venue, you should send Power Point File (1 sheet), by the deadline following the designated format described below, to enable smooth proceedings of the Forum. Presentations should be done using the PCs prepared by the organizing office.

Power Point File to be sent;
By No Later Than: Aug. 20th Wednesday
File Format: Your file should be adaptable to Windows7 Powerpoint2010, prepared specifically for the presentation by the host. Files created by other OS and/or software should be confirmed to be display-able by Windows7 Powerpoint2010 before being sent to our office.
File Name: Your name as;(Albert Einstein.ppt)

About Performance
One Minute is allocated to each presenter. Perform following the serial order assigned as the Poster Number. Before a presenter with a number 5 ahead of yours is on the stage, you should be in the waiting area beside the presentation stage.

【Poster Session】

Important! Check your Poster Number, please. Odd or Even?
Your turn of standing in front of your poster is allocated by Odd-Even-ness of your Poster Number, as follows;

Sept. 4th Thursday, 18:30~21:00, Room 2, 3 on the 2nd Floor(Be present at your poster; 19:00~19:30 for Odds, 19:30~20:00 for Evens)
Sept. 5th Friday, 12:20~14:20, Room 2, 3 on the 2nd Floor(Be present at your poster; 13:00~13:30 for Odds, 13:30~14:00 for Evens)

Poster Session & Mixer, 18:30 Sept. 4th Thursday, needs participation charge; 2000 yen for tutors, 1000yen for students.
Those who are currently staying within Kumamoto University will be asked to pay in advance. The details will be notified later.
Visitors from outside will be asked to pay at the entrance of Session & Mixer venue on 4th Sept.

Free of charge

【Poster Award】

Poster Awards will be given to the selected researchers and/or students. Winners will be announced during the closing remarks starting from 16:00 on Sept. 5th, Friday.

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